As the same program as you can see above (Visegrád and Szentendre), but we extend the tour going to the city of Esztergom (60 km from Budapest). Esztergom lies on the Danube riverside, so-called the northern gate of the Danube Bend. The city is the Center of the Hungarian Catholic Church. We visit the largest cathedral in Hungary (also the burial place of famous cardinals of Hungary, like Primate Cardinal József Mindszenty). Afterwards, cross the river Danube by Maria Valeria Bridge (wich is a frontier point between Hungary and Slovakia) and we enter Slovakia to enjoy a view from this side of the Danube. During the tour, you can have time for lunch (the lunch is not included.)

Price of guided tours

For 1-3 person 38,- EUR/hr
For 4-6 person 40,- EUR/hr
For 7-16 person 45,- EUR/hr
For 16+ person 48,- EUR/hr

For programs longer than 5 hours please contact us for an offer!

Price of vehicles

By car, 1-3 person 38,- EUR/hr
By minivan, 4-6 person 40,- EUR/hr
By minibus, 7-16 person 45,- EUR/hr
By bus, 17-49 person 88,- EUR/hr

The above prices are indicative only, as the exact costs of parking and motorway differ depending on the exact program.