Take a pleasant hour on board a ship in Budapest, sailing between the splendid vision of Buda and Pest, with a sparkling cocktail or beer or soft drink in your hand. The Budapest panorama is part of the UNESCO heritage from 1987.

EVENING SIGHTSEEING CRUISE even more fascinating, sound, view, and vision show on the river. In the romantic candlelight atmosphere, you can enjoy the wonderful view of Budapest swimming in light.

For private clients, we recommend taking part in guaranteed programs, like the „Legenda” cruises. And for groups of more than 15 pax, is better to rent a private ship. It will be cheaper and you can enjoy it better with your group having more place, and liberty and you don’t have to adjust your program with the other companies.

Danube Sightseeing Cruise

Ask for more information about prices to rent your own ship.

Cruise with dinner or without dinner (program of „Hungária Koncert”): (from 19:00-21:00 and 22:00-23:30) Budapest panorama was added to the World Cultural Heritage List by UNESCO. Join us for a unique Budapest experience, and while admiring this panorama you can enjoy a delicious meal on our ship. The Danube, this very important and mighty river starting in Germany, on its journey to the Black sea, flows through many capitals. In Budapest it runs majestically through the center of the city, creating one of the finest panoramas on the continent. The Danube’s embankment treasures the old and embraces the new, historic is mingling with the modern. We would like to invite you to see our capital most romantically.

Budapest has many faces. This vibrant city calms down a little bit at night, lights are lit up, and a new city comes out from the twilight. We created this program for those, who would like to enjoy the wonderful view of the city swimming in lights in a romantic candlelight atmosphere and have a romantic dinner on a boat.

The meeting point is in a neo-baroque building in the Duna Palota, which was established in 1883. After the check-in, our hostesses will accompany you to the Ship. (appr. 4-6 minutes walk to the Ship).

You will be welcomed on board one of our air-conditioned or heated ships, which will take you on a one-and-a-half-hour-long cruise with a warm buffet dinner.

Dinner is prepared by Hungary’s only Gault Millau-rated chef, Klöter Gregor-Grex. Guiding is not included in the program. You can book the cruise without dinner too, with drinks only (a glass of champagne and another glass of drink: soft drink, wine, or beer). The Cruise which starts at 19:00 is with live music.

Aperitif: Champagne or Peach Palinka or Orange Juice

Cold entries: Curd Cheese Cream seasoned „Hungarian style”; Goose Greaves Cream

Soup: Traditional Gulash Soup with Loin Cubes

Warm main course: Grilled Chicken Breast served with Cheese Sauce „Tokaj style”; Hungarian Letcho with Vienna Sausage; Grilled Sausage with Mini Stuffed Cabbage

Vegetarian: Vegetable – Lasagne

Garnishes: Stewed Rice; Buttered Parsley Potatoes

Salads: Greek Rustic Salad with Feta Cheese; Potato Salad with Onions and Light Mayonnaise; Noodle Salad with Rosemary; Fresh Green Salads with different kinds of Dressings

Desserts: Variety of Mini Desserts; Variety of Mini Strudels with Cinnamon-Vanilla Sauce

Fruit basket: Season and Exotic Fruits

Drinks: 1 glass of red or white wine + 1 bottle of water (0,33) or soft drink + tea

Price of guided tours

For 1-3 person 38,- EUR/hr
For 4-6 person 40,- EUR/hr
For 7-16 person 45,- EUR/hr
For 16+ person 48,- EUR/hr

For programs longer than 5 hours please contact us for an offer!

Price of vehicles

By car, 1-3 person 38,- EUR/hr
By minivan, 4-6 person 40,- EUR/hr
By minibus, 7-16 person 45,- EUR/hr
By bus, 17-49 person 88,- EUR/hr

The above prices are indicative only, as the exact costs of parking and motorway differ depending on the exact program.