We drive you to Pécs, but on the way, we stop to visit the interesting small Catholic Church in Paks. The wooden church ( work of Imre Makovecz architect) is a nice example of modern, archaic, and mystical architecture from the end of the 20th century. Pécs (with its 160 000 inhabitants) is the seat and the largest city of the Transdanubian region in South-West Hungary; a Catholic Episcopal seat and a university city that provides home to a large number of festivals and other cultural events. The city was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture for the year 2010 by the European Union. The cultural, artistic, and intellectual heritage of the city, the traditions of its ethnic minorities, and its geographical location and environment make Pécs one of the most exciting cities in Hungary. After our arrival to Pécs, we visit Széchenyi Square the largest Turkish Historical Monument in Hungary called Gázi Kászim Dzsámi (was a Muslim mosque, and today is used as a catholic parish). Then we visit the Museum of the Zsolnay, This exhibition, displays the most significant pieces of the Zsolnay Ceramic Factory along with the history of the family, and is in the oldest known dwelling-house of Pécs. Time to have lunch (optional) Then we are wandering around the mementos of Christian culture The early Christian cemetery, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. Very significant sepulchral structures have been found since 1780 from the Barbican to Széchenyi Square. These were constructed in the 4th century A.D. Visitors can admire the richly decorated walls and barrel vaults of the underground chamber. We can visit the St. Peter–Pal’s Cathedral. Return to Budapest.

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